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Possibly the UK's largest DMR network!

Welcome to the Southwest DMR Radio cluster, known simply as the Southwest Cluster or just SWC.

We are a collection on like minded independent DMR repeaters that decided to link all our repeaters together.

All of our repeaters right across the Southwest share two important settings that enable us to all link together. We ALL use common DMR values. The first item common to us all is we use “Talkgroup 950” or [TG950]. This is applied to Timeslot 2 [TS2].

This is the main Talkgroup which allows communications to take place right across the Southwest. You Transmit into one repeater on TG950 TS2 and your transmission is relayed to ALL cluster member repeaters.

The Second, is every repeater uses TG9 TS1 for local (one repeater) communications. You transmit on TG9 TS1 and you remain communicating on the repeater you are using.

TG9 TS1 also supports a system called “Dial on Demand” go HERE for more information on using Dial on Demand (DoD).

The two Talkgroup/Timeslot approach means programming your radio codeplug now has become so much simpler, and also means using your radio also becomes simpler.

Below is a list of the repeaters that make up the cluster. Check back regularly as this list changes often.  

By the way, clicking on pictures or graphics throughout this site enlarges them.

Below is a graphical representation of all these repeaters combined coverage.  

Click Here for more detailed maps. repeater information and links to the repeater group's own webpage (if known).

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