Repeater Controller

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The Repeater Controller as used on GB3BS

The Repeater Controller, or Logic, used on GB3BS is made by a company called Arcom who are based in the United States. The model in use on GB3BS is the RC210, as shown in the pictured below. It is extreamly flexible and has many features and can be locally or remotely managed or programmed.

Programming of the RC210 is based on Macro functions or pre determined functions that can be put together like building blocks. This method allows for a very flexible repeater controller and can be easily changed or added to. The scope of controlling a repeater can be made very simple or very complexed depending on the requirements.

The controller itself  is based around the Atmel MEGA128 Risc processor, and has the following key features, but not all of them are implemented or legal to use in the UK.

  •     Up to 16MIPS.
  •     Onboard 128K Flash memory.
  •     Real human speech.
  •     Onboard Digital Voice recorder.
  •     Onboard CWID tone Generator.
  •     Speech ID’s.
  •     Real Time Clock/Calendar.
  •     Flexible Scheduler system for programmable events.
  •     Multiple Analogue Inputs for Monitoring various systems.
  •     Digital input and outputs for Alarm Monitoring and subsystem drive.
  •     3 independent ports to drive up to 3 repeaters from the same controller.
Arcom RC210