Lansdown site

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Google Earth image of the site (C)Google
The tower, with the old VHF antenna at the top
The tower and the new GB3BS antenna.
Its a long hard climb, ask Mark G4SDR
No the tower is not Rusty, it was taken at sunset!
The site tower.
The tower, prior to the microwave link being fitted.
The antenna.
King of the castle. Rigger poses for a picture of the tower, as he waits for his mate to get to the top
Riggers removing an old VHF antenna to make way for our antenna.
When the old antenna does not un-bolt? Just cut it off.
And its free! (Our new feeder sticking out on the right, as well as the old obstical light)
Connecting it to a rope system, to lower it to the ground.
Finalising cable security before antenna is hoisted to the top of the tower.
A Rigger at the halfway point, on his way to fit our new antenna.
Pulling in the new feeder.
Our new antenna in place. The connection to the feeder being made water tight (more Denso!)
Applying the Denso tape, we could hear the "comments" of the rigger on the ground :o)
The other end of our new feeder
The Roof mounted tray work, with the incomming antenna system.
The temporary home of GB3BS post move from Cossham, and before the comms room is ready.
Big wall termites at Lansdown.
The comms room as we found it in September 2009.
The dodgie electrical system for the tower obstical warning light
The new cablinet!
After some filler, paint and hard work. The new comms room.
The tower on the day we went to evaluate the site.
The tower, now with our new SA460 antenna at the very top
The new tower obstical warning light (the old one failed big time!)
The supprise was finding this operational 3kW site generator.
Okay now which wire was it? The inside of the generator controller.
Generator battery charger (left) and the controller (with cover back on)
Site photograph taken by Steve G4MCQ on "a fly by"
The GPS mushroom antenna
Close-up of the mushroom
The new 5GHz Microwave Link Dish