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Cossham Hospital site showing the BS antennas on the right.
The antenna array(s) on the old Cossham hospital before the refurb (GB3BS antenna on right)
Rear view of the building and roof with BS antennas.
The Group at the "Save Cossham Hospital" rally.
Final view of Cossham Hospital site before moving to Lansdown.
Feeder shorting stub.
The Group were awarded this tropy by North Bristol ARC for out talks on GB3BS, GB7BS and DMR radio
Mains distribution panels - (Before).
Mains distribution panels - (After).
Better take note!
Radar interference from a certain site in Yorkshire !
Antenna Sweep using the Bird AT-400
Antenna Sweep using the Rigol Sweep Analyser.
MB7VV under test.
GB3BS showing some alarms!
Looks like a loss of the +10v supply.
Cossham Hospital after its long awaited referbishment.
BFDX 501
BFDX 501 opened up.
Some of the sample radio's being tested.
A pair of Hytera radios undergoing a full immersion test.
Patch panel prior to installation.
Rack Patch Panel.
This is where G7FBD (KG7FBD) was while Mark worked on getting GB7BS working (Antelope Island USA)
Mat - G7FBD checking the 2.4GHz link connection.
Mat - G7FBD terminating the network cable.
The 2.4GHz panel antenna being tested.
Side view of 2.4GHz antenna and tranceiver.
The old 2.4GHz link at Mat's QTH.
The defunct site Antenna prior to a stripdown.
Feeder looks ok, no water found.
Faulty rubber insulator found.
Neston Rally - 2014.
5GHz Feed horn.
5GHz feed horn and Network connection.
Test Assembly of the 5GHz dish (the feed horn has not been secured yet)
5 GHz Dish with raydome fitted.
Lansdown in the distance. A clear path at 5GHz.
New Racks at Lansdown.
GB3BS & GB7BS antenna combining system.
GB3BS & GB7BS Receiver Filters.
Close up of the type of diplexer used on GB3BS
Outside Temperature sensor.
The Tower (Rest point in the center of the tower was used to access the new 5GHz link dish)
Close up of the old VHF Antenna
The Tower (with the old 2m antenna at the top of the tree)
30m Tower
Mk 1 GPS Derrived Clock.
GB3BS under final testing prior to going to site.
GB3BS at the Cossham Hospital site.
GB3BS in its old home at Cossham Hospital.
Temperature plot of PA Temp and Room Temp.
Standby 3kW Generator.
Antenna installation.
Berrr Its cold.
Mk II GPS Clock PCB with GPS Receiver on top.
Front display of mk II GPS Clock.
The Stylish mark III clock.
Close up of or SA460 Antenna (now defunc and replaced.
A winters morn, on the highway to ye olde repeater box.
Driving to site on a winters day.
A Winters few while on the way to site (Emergecy call out)
Temporary antenna installation.